Alligator harvesters have been hard at work around the state of Louisiana recently and that includes a recent catch at Wallace Lake. The Caddo Parish gator catch appeared to be roughly nine feet in length after it was pulled in this week.

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Gator activity has been hot and heavy recently as many around the South are coming Into contact with some pretty massive creatures. Out in Mississippi, a gator that could be up to 100 years old was captured and it was so big that it broke the state record.

Again in Mississippi, a gator was spotted taking a stroll through the drive-thru of a Popeyes restaurant.

Recently in Louisiana, a school bus out in Pierre Part pulled up to a gator simply hanging out in a parking spot.

Facebook, Cajun Experiences R Us
Facebook, Cajun Experiences R Us

Out in Florida, someone captured a photo of a massive gator being hauled down the highway as if it was a load of beach chairs.

But now, we get back to our home state where gators are clearly in abundance.

Massive Gator Captured in Louisiana - Wallace Lake in Caddo Parish

See the post shared by KSLA News 12 on Facebook below.

As you can see, the gator is stretched out and just about doubles the size of three grown men standing next to it. Apparently, the man who caught the gator estimates that the creature is 9 feet in length.

Personally, you won't find me anywhere near a gator this size. Kudos to the men who were able to capture it safely, because that is not an operation I want any part of.

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The summer of the gator continues here in Louisiana even as temperatures start cooling off.

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