LSU won an overtime shocker against number 6 Alabama in Death Valley on Saturday night following this gutsy call from first-year LSU head coach Brian Kelly.

This led to an electric night at Tiger Stadium as the stands cleared for one of the most incredible field stormings in the team's history.

Of course, having fun will never go unpunished by the NCAA, and so a fine was handed down from the Collegiate Athletics Association, coming in at $250,000.

The fine grows with each infraction, with the fourth field storming increasing the fine to that quarter-million number.

However, the fine remains a quarter-million for each fine after that, so it shouldn't be that big of a deal for next time right?

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Evidently, the official leadership at LSU isn't too concerned about the fine either, since President William Tate IV also made his way out onto the field to celebrate the Purple and Gold pulling off the upset.

At least there wasn't a repeat of the brutal goal post murder that took place in Rocky Top earlier this year.

This unit wouldn't allow that.

Geaux Tigers.

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