With a 5.7% rate of failed drug tests, that puts the Bayou State over 1% percent higher than the national average.

As you can see from this Quest Diagnostics' drug testing index map, SWLA has one of the highest percentages in the state for failed drug tests.

Tyler McCann, owner of All Ways Monitoring tells Robin Richardson of KPLC:

Marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine use, those are your most common," McCann said. "And then you know from there on you have some pain medication people that are abusing those different things if they’re not on a script then they might fail. They have to produce a prescription

McCann goes on to say that the reason he believes our area is so high in failed drug tests is because of our location on I-10 with drug distributors using the Interstate roadways to traffic their drugs from the Mexican border and Houston.

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