The Louisiana Legislature has passed a resolution that would create a task force that will take a look into high-speed chases according to WAFB.

The recommendations the task force makes will not become law because it's only a resolution that has passed, but no doubt everyone in the state will be looking at what is being said.

State Senator Caleb Kleinpeter
Photo courtesy of WAFB

State Senator Caleb Kleinpeter says this task force is a direct result of the fatal crash that killed 17-year-old Maggie Dunn and 16-year-old Caroline Gill and other innocent people who through no fault of their own were caught up in high-speed police chases.

State Representative Edmond Jordan
Photo courtesy of WAFB

State Representative Edmond Jordan had proposed something similar to the resolution, but his item would have asked for civil action against officers involved in chases. That was defeated, but the task force will move forward.

Both lawmakers are acting on this issue after the death of the two young girls. They were in a car just driving down Louisiana Highway 1 in Brusley when an ensuing police chase came their way. an Addis police officer ended up hitting their vehicle and the two girls died on December 31, 2022.

Maggie Dunn and Caroline Gill 2

Their deaths are not the only two that have happened during police chases prompting some to ask the many questions like should there be high-speed chases? Should there be only certain circumstances when a high-speed chase should be allowed? All of these issues and more will be discussed as the nine-member task force convenes to discuss the issues.

It was in June of last year, that a 16-year-old passenger in a stolen car died during a police chase in Carencro. The person driving, an 18-year-old, failed to stop for police and took them on a high-speed chase.

One of the many topics to be discussed during meetings of the task force no doubt has to be are high-speed chases needed.

The Addis police officer, David Cauthron who caused the crash was charged with two counts of negligent homicide and one count of negligent injuring. WAFB also says the man being sought by police, 24-year-old Tyquel Zanders, was speeding on roadways and running red lights after fleeing from a family member's house. He broke into that house and then stole a vehicle.  Zanders has been charged with the following:

  • Two counts of manslaughter
  • One count of aggravated obstruction of a highway
  • One count of negligent injury
  • One count of reckless operation of a vehicle

What do you think? Are high-speed chases essential, or do they claim lives unnecessarily? Or is the answer something in between?


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