I spend a lot of time driving on I-10 and I see it everyday. Drivers who do not move over for emergency vehicles (or vehicles that have stopped in the emergency lane.) I also see drivers in the inside lane ride beside vehicles preventing them from moving over when needed. This is not just dangerous ... it is against the law in Louisiana.

Louisiana State Police

According to a press release from the Louisiana State police Louisiana’s “Move Over” law requires that drivers, upon approaching any vehicle stopped on or near the highway utilizing warning lights, shall yield the right-of-way by making a lane change into a lane not adjacent to the parked vehicle. If you have ever had to change a tire or perform any type of vehicle maintenance in the emergency lane ... you appreciate this law.

Louisiana is now going to place "Move Over" signs at state entry points and along major highways to remind drivers of the law. Louisiana State Police remind us that across the United States preventable “Move Over” violation crashes kill an average of 1 tow truck driver every 6 days, 23 highway workers and 1 law enforcement officer every month, and 5 firefighters every year.