Now, I know that headline will light some fuses, but don't blame me; I'm just the messenger. Why, just yesterday, we had a story about how people who are born in Louisiana tend to stay here, or come back here, after college.

It seems that people do want to get out and see the world, but when it's time, many people will return to their hometown to settle down and ply their trade. The top states in which people do that are Michigan, Ohio and our own great state of Louisiana. Now, doesn't it seem to you that if a whopping 70% of people who were born here want to stay, that the state has a lot to offer?

Well, that brings me to the point of the conversation. In yet another study just released today, Louisiana was ranked as the worst place to live. When I see a study like that, I have to wonder about how both sets of facts are accurate.

The study to which I refer is one conducted by U.S. News and World Report, that states that the study used 68 different stats to figure out the best and worst states to live in.  They factored in everything from jobs and infrastructure, to crime and education.  According to the criteria, the best state is . . . Massachusetts.

Louisiana just fell short on much of the criteria, and received a low rating in some key points like education. There's no argument that we need to improve in tn those areas, but I just don't think the study paid enough attention to the simple quality of life. After all; just look at the natural resources we have here. The people themselves are quality people and none of that is really measure able.

There are just some qualities that don't always show up in a survey.

You can check out the entire mess HERE



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