When I heard that Popeyes was releasing a version of their chicken sandwich made with their blackened chicken recipe, I knew I had to taste one pronto.

We all remember how crazy the release of the first chicken sandwich was, but I would imagine a nationwide rollout of this version will be a lot tamer. If you've never tasted the blackened chicken strips, go get some today. You'll thank me later. The strips aren't battered, but they are packed with flavor from their blackened spices.

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I called all the Popeyes locations here in SWLA and I have great news to report they are all carrying the sandwich. It's a limited time release, so go out and experience one before time runs out.

The one recurring theme in all the review videos I've watched is that the sandwich is uber juicy.  For my money, you can't beat a piece of juicy chicken.  Add blackened spices in the mix and you have a perfect recipe for a party in your mouth.

It won't be long until I go out and try one myself, and I might even record my own review video and post if for you guys to check out.

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