I Remember the First Time My Friend Convinced Me to Buy Hey Dudes.

Sometimes my plantar fasciitis flares up and I suffer in the morning. My friend Craig who lives on his feet and also has some feet problems said  "You have to buy these shoes, my feet don't hurt and you can throw them in the washing machine." How could such lightweight shoes be so supportive and comfortable?

If You Come to My Home You Will See Multiple Pairs of Hey Dude Shoes.

I am not ashamed to say I own 7 pairs of Hey Dudes and I will probably buy another couple of pairs before the end of the year. If someone asks, I am just doing my part with sustainability.  Did you know Hey Dudes are made using recycled cork, plastic, and leather? They even have their shoe packaging made from cornstarch.

It Feels Like So Many People in America Own Hey Dude's, Imagine If There Was a Hey Dude Store.

The days of imagining are over, Hey Dude will be building brick-and-mortar stores all over the U.S. and they have tapped Louisiana for one of the first-ever stand-alone stores.

Get ready we're going on a mini road trip to the Tanger Outlets in Gonzales, Louisiana.

The Tanger Outlets Have So Many Shopping Options.

Although we are going to see one of the first ever Hey Dude stores, we can stop by Levis and the Coach Outlet, I mean we made the drive why not right?

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