Stress levels are getting out of control in many people's jobs and a lot of folks are giving up their careers for jobs that have less stress connected to them. The career changing move is fairly new as workers begin to feel that they are not locked in and factors other than just money are being considered. Stress comes from all sorts of sources and, let's face it, some jobs just seem to have stress factors built into them. It used to be that people with jobs that are considered dangerous have more stress, but we are learning that there are plenty of what one would call desk jobs" that have plenty of stress to go around. got together with some stress and ob experts and came up with a list of the least stressful jobs in America and it's a pretty interesting list.

1.  Diagnostic medical sonographer These folks basically read sonogram test and evaluate the results

2.  Compliance officer- It's pretty much a desk job. Officers check to make usre that any given business is in compliance with regulations

3. Hair Stylist Well, that one is certainly obvious. All you need is some hair cutting supplies and a gift of gab

4. Audiologist  Very little stress involved here. Audiologist deal with administering and treating hearing issues.

5. College Professor - A tenured college professor has pretty much an academic life. Very, very little stress.

Some of these jobs may not be exactly the best paying jobs in the world, but they all do have low stress levels which is a pretty good selling point.

There are more low stress jobs listed if you go HERE





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