Somebody hit my car in the radio station parking lot and then left. Yep a hit and run here at Townsquare Media. I am hoping you can help me find this person. They were driving a very distinct vehicle.Here is why I am looking for a burnt orange Jeep with a trailer hitch. Last week Dale Mann was doing his afternoon show on Gator 99.5 when he saw a suspicious car in the back of our parking lot. He told me about it because he thought they hit my car. Well they did.

The studio building is located on Lakeshore Drive between the Waffle House and Steamboat Bills. Sometimes people thing they can take a shortcut to Steamboat Bills by going around our building. When they get to the back of our parking lot they realize it is a dead end and they have to turn around. That is probably what happened here. The problem is that this time the driver hit my car ... and then left. Our on air studios face that back parking lot so we see these drivers turning around every day.

I was parked in that back parking lot. I was backed into the parking space when my front bumper was hit. It left a hole in the front bumper of my brand new car. This is going to cost me five hundred dollars because that is my deductible on my insurance policy. I am asking you to help me find the person who hit my car and it should not be hard.

Don Rivers

The suspicious vehicle is a burnt orange Jeep with a trailer hitch on the back. It looks like the trailer hits hit my bumper. I know what that looks like because I once backed into a trailer hitch with my wife's car and the damage looks the same. So if you know anyone who has a burnt orange Jeep with a trailer hitch ... tell them to do the right thing! Or call me and let me know. You can call me (Don Rivers) at 433-1641.

I am not trying to get anyone in trouble. I simply want my brand new car fixed.