A local 8th grader had a moment in the spotlight when on Monday's episode of the Stve Harvey Show. The student, Austin Dellafosse was named the Calcasieu Parish Middle School Student of the Year and he got a shot on the much viewed Steve Harvey show.

He, along with other students were part of a social experiment, but they didn't know it. they were told that they were going to be asked about what social media kids that age were into, but the purpose of the experiment actually had to do with bullying.

In the video, as soon as the adults leave the room, one of the boys begins to bully another member of the panel. The experiment involved seeing how kids would respond to watching the bullying episode. It's a very telling video. By the way, the bully and the victim were both actors and were in on the experiment.


For more details on Austin's Steve Harvey experience view the full story on the KPLC website.

[via KPLC] [via YouTube.com, Steve Harvey Show]

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