Jen Kober is well known in the Lake Area as a stand-up comic, but right now she's facing charges of identity theft right here at home. Kober turned herself in this past Tuesday morning and bonded out shortly after turning herself in.

While in custody, Kober was charged with identity theft and unauthorized use of a credit card stemming from an incident dating back to August of 2014, when Kober allegedly made a $900 charge on the victim's credit card. According to the victim, Kober was told not to make any charges on the card. The victim in that episode decided not to file charges against Kober.

This past March, authorities got another complaint about Kober using a family members name and access card to get utility services back in 2013. This time the victim decided to file charges on Kober.

Kober, 42, who now lives in Santa Monica, California, turned herself in at 8:23 a.m. Tuesday at Calcasieu Correctional Center before bonding out on $7,500 bond.Kober's attorney, Catherine Stagg, says,  "We look forward to going to trial on these issues and she will be found not guilty." Stagg says that Kober denies all of the allegations.

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