I don't need to tell you that things are insane. It's like some kind of mass hysteria has taken over, and everyone is joining in. People seem to be a combination of mad, angry, and scared all at the same time. If you watch the news, you'll think that nothing is going right, but that will only add to the frustration.

Well, I can't change any of the things that have people so upset. Sometimes, it's hard to tell just exactly what it is that we are upset about. Everyone seems to be mad at everyone else and, when pressed for a reason, they can't really quite nail down why they are so upset.

Now, while I can't change a thing, I can provide a diversion. So, instead of a story about Las Vegas or Korea or the NFL, I decided that we could all use a moment to focus on something good and positive, and what could be better than a father having a beautiful moment with his daughter?

You won't find any anger in this video, just a man sharing his love for his daughter. Despite what you may hear on the news, good things go on all the time. It's just not interesting enough to put on the 6 o' clock news.

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