Back on February 24th, just before midnight, deputies with the CPSO responded to call that there was a child left alone in a car in the parking lot. When they arrived, they were able to free the child from the car in no time, but then began the task of finding the parents of the child.

Casino security eventually located the parents gambling inside the casino. It was at that point that the child's parents, Armstrong H. Otieno and Maureen N. Cheto were arrested and charged with child desertion.The pair told authorities that they had left the child sleeping in the car while they went in to gamble. Security footage from the parking area shows that the parents left the child unattended for over an hour.

After the pair was booked, Judge Ron Ware set their bonds at $7,000 each.

Upon arrival deputies were able to unlock the car and check on the welfare of the child.  Casino security located the child’s parents, Maureen N. Cheto, 23, and Amstrong H. Otieno, 30, both of Leesville, on the casino floor.  When deputies spoke with Cheto and Otieno they stated they left their son sleeping in the car while they went inside to gamble.  When detectives viewed surveillance footage at the casino they learned the child was left alone in the car for over an hour.

Cheto and Otieno were arrested and booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center and charged with child desertion.  Judge Ron Ware set both their bonds at $7,000. The child was then released into safe keeping to family members.

CPSO Deputy Austin Wright is the arresting deputy and Detective Michelle Robinson is the lead investigator on this case.

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