Mikey O will pick a random winner live on the air tomorrow for the Ultimate Good Friday Crawfish Boil Package, but you still have time to register.

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We have teamed up with Mr. Bill's Seafood Express located at 500 East McNeese Street in Lake Charles and Home Depot located at 3200 East Prien Lake Road in Lake Charles to offer you this amazing prize to make you the envy of your neighborhood.

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Here is what you could win:

  • A 60 Quart Loco Cookers crawfish pot and lid
  • A drain basket
  • A regulator
  • A burner
  • One full propane tank
  • One sack of Live Crawfish
Mike Soileau TSM
Mike Soileau TSM

Mikey O will randomly generate a winner from everyone that has entered the contest tomorrow at 3:20pm live on the air.  We'll contact the winner right after it's announced on the air so you can pick up all your crawfish boil stuff before Good Friday.

You still have time to enter the contest to win, just CLICK HERE.

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