Over the last several years, Mayor Hunter and his team have taken many steps in trying to stop the flooding in the city.

Since 2017, the city has been cleaning the underground storm drains and their lines to help prevent flooding. They use a 3D closed-circuit television to not only aid the cleaning effort but also to inspect for cracked or collapsed pipes.

Planning and Engineering Director Mike Huber told the American Press the city of Lake Charles is committed to spending millions of dollars to ensure the storm drains and lines are clean and ready to handle what mother nature will throw at it.

Over the last five years, the public works department has cleaned out many ditches across the city, as well. However, Hurricane Laura and Delta pushed debris and silt back into the city's drainage system and ditches. Huber said it looks like the city will be starting at square one again with its drainage cleaning efforts.

Huber also said the city is adding new drainage lines and extending existing lines across the city.

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