There's nothing like getting a grand welcome when you get home after a day's work. Now, my daughter is grown, but I do remember how great it was to get a real reception when I got home. Actually, I still do. My dog Hank is so excited when I get home that he leaps in the air and shakes all over. Who could ask for me. Of course, I can't decide if he's all that happy to see me or if he knows that dinner will soon follow my arrival.

The dad in this video gets a double greeting because his son is watching out the door for dad and the minute he sees the car coming down the street, he starts a great little happy dance. the dog is also part of the show because as soon as the kid gets excited, the dog starts freaking out with the kid.

By the time we're no more than :16 into this video both dog and kid are in complete  freak out mode. The kid is yelling, screaming and jumping up and down and the dog's tail is wagging so hard, it sounds like a drum when it hits the door. Ah, that we should all get such a welcome at the end of the day.


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