It all came down to two last night on "American Idol." Nine million people voted, and their vote was that Joshua Ledet would be eliminated. So now, it’s down to Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez.

Thank you, America for voting Joshua Ledet off the show. I’m glad he got bumped...

Joshua Ledet is without a doubt a phenom. He’s only 20, and yet he has all the polish and style of a seasoned veteran.  While he is very soft-spoken and somewhat shy offstage, when he walks out to perform there is a different walk, a different demeanor and a confidence that belies his off-stage persona. On top of all that, there’s that voice!

Actually it’s more than just a great voice that sets Ledet apart. It’s the ability to use that voice to nail the essence of the songs. At the age of 20, very few people have the sensitivity to translate lyrics into feelings. There are a plethora of singers out there with outstanding voices (insert Jessica Sanchez here) but they lack the ability to connect to the emotion of the song.


So, why am I glad that Joshua was eliminated?

First of all, look at the careers of the past A.I. winners. More to the point, look at the lack of careers of past winners. Out of 11 seasons, only two or othree winners have had any kind of notable career at all. On the other hand, “also-rans” have had some pretty stellar careers. Then, there is the matter of what actually happens when these kids win the title of American Idol.

American Idol winners are pretty much locked in to being an American Idol product for five years. That’s five years of being an "employee" of American Idol. You record what they tell you to record. You are locked into a pretty much grueling tour schedule and they get a portion of your income. Sound like stardom to you?

If I understand the particulars correctly, in two years Joshua will be a free agent. Free to be courted by record labels that will super-promote him. He will also have, if he has a good agent, the freedom to record a true "Joshua Ledet album."  Exactly what that will consist of remains to be seen.


All in all, being on American Idol was a great thing for Joshua Ledet -- and for Lake Charles.

Exactly how else does a super talented young man from Westlake, La., get discovered and promoted on a top rated TV show? Having said that, for the reasons above and a hundred more, being eliminated was the best thing that could have happened.

When we had Joshua in our studios recently he said that he wanted to “touch the world” with his music. I think he will.

All our best to Joshua Ledet. We will all be able to say when know him when.

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