Yesterday Louisiana's Governor, John Bel Edwards, celebrated a birthday. Our state's Chief Executive turned 55 and I do hope the day was wonderful for the Governor. Somehow I don't think when you're an elected official you get to have wonderful days. Especially if the sovereign state that you were elected to lead has just suffered yet another natural disaster.

But such is the case for John Bel Edwards. He has certainly had more than his share of issues to deal with. There have been more than a few hurricanes. There have been major floods in just about every part of the state. And, there has been the coronavirus pandemic.

John Bel Edwards Campaigns In New Orleans Ahead Of Gubernatorial Runoff Election
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So the past few years in the Governor's mansion for John Bel and Donna Edwards has not been a cakewalk at all. But believe it or not the Edwards' time in the state's big house, the mansion not Angola is coming to an end in about two and half years. In that time Edwards will wrap up his second and final term.

So, what is next?

Believe it or not, Governor John Bel Edwards has garnered a lot of respect in the national political community. I guess all that time in front of the TV cameras talking about Louisiana's latest disaster will get you noticed. Some have even mentioned that Edwards might consider a run for national office.

The biggest rumor going around about that is that Edwards might take on incumbent Senator John Kennedy in the upcoming United States Senate election. A secondary rumor suggests that Edwards is being courted by the Democratic Party to run for President.

But when asked about those possible political moves Edwards told Jim Engster of the Louisiana Radio Network and the Ask the Governor Radio Show,

Look I’m not intending to run for any additional offices, I’m looking forward to the private sector and returning to my home in Roseland

That sounds like a man who has decided to return to the private sector if you ask me. Of course in politics, you can never say never but I think Governor Edwards will stick to his guns about this decision. The reason I think that way? Donna Edwards, the Governor's wife has a lot of influence on his political aspirations.

Louisiana Radio Network via Twitter
Louisiana Radio Network via Twitter

Here's what John Bel told LRN about a possible run for President.

I love my wife and I want to keep her and I’m pretty sure I’m not running for president going forward, she’s not on board for that

Governor Edwards did suggest that he and the First Lady would still be very active in serving our state. However, that service would be coming from John Bel and Donna Edwards private citizens instead of John Bel and Donna Edwards public servants.

Speaking very selfishly, I will miss having Governor Edwards in the political bullseye, er spotlight. He makes for some great discussions and constant fodder on talk radio. The fact that he can seem so smug seems to make talk radio hosts just that much madder. This means a more lively discussion on the radio, which can be a whole lot of fun to listen to.

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