Jeremiah Roscoe Moore, 35, of Lake Charles was arrested yesterday after allegedly paying for an ATV with 21 fake $100 bills. It seems that the sheriff's office got a complaint abut the money back in January. According to the person filing the complaint, Moore paid for an ATV using the fake $100. The crime was discovered when the man selling the ATV tried to deposit the money that Moore had given him for the ATV.

When the man took the money to the bank to deposit it, he was told by a bank officer that the money was counterfeit. To complicate the issue, Moore gave the victim a fake name, but it seems that justice has won out. Well, make that justice and more than a little luck.

It seems authorities found a picture of Moore sitting on an ATV and they saw to it that the picture got out there and, sure enough, people ID'd the man in the picture as Moore. A warrant was issued and Moore turned himself in yesterday. Moore was charged with theft and monetary instrument abuse.





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