All weekend long, I got texts and emails from friends warning me about friending Jayden K. Smith, I kept watching for Mr. Smith to try and friend me on Facebook just so I could not accept the request. I waited all weekend and nothing happened. then I can to work this morning and found out why Jayden Smith hadn't tried to "Friend" me on Facebook.

If you got any of the email or texts about this subject over the weekend, you know that the "warning" email said not to friend Mr. Smith because he was a hacker and, by friending this guy you are setting things up for him to hack your account and cause all kinds of problems in your life and steal all your money.

Well, boys and girls; Jayden is a little bit like that East Indian Princess who wants you to hold on to her multi-million dollar fortune so that she can safely leave her homeland and come to America to be reunited with her money. Of course, she's willing to share a big portion of that money with you as long as, first, you are will to share a little money with her.

This scam seems rather victim less. Basically, the 50 or so warnings I got about it just said that making friends with this Smith guy would allow him to hack my Facebook page. Well, I can't imagine why anyone would want to hack my Facebook page, but that's how the story went.

It turns out that the hoax is not that Smith will hack your Facebook account, the thing is that there doesn't seem to be a Jayden Smith and, besides that, you can't hack someone's account just because they friended you. Why the hoax? Who knows? It's unusual to find a hoax that doesn't at least make the "Hoaxer" a few bucks.

At any rate, I'm sure you'll v=be warned several more times before word gets around that that Jayden K. Smith isn't a real thing.

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