Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor has announced his first solo album in more than 30 years, Man’s a Wolf to Man. The LP marks his first new music since going public with his stage 4 prostate cancer diagnosis. Taylor’s battle with the disease, along with the pandemic, delayed the album’s completion.

“When I started writing this album, it was the beginning of the chaos – 2016, 2017,” Taylor explained in a press release, noting how people’s actions during the pandemic influenced his work.

Man’s a Wolf to Man is pretty apt now. Having lived there, had kids there, had an amazing career there, I know America very well. And when you watch the breakdown, and the extremes of it, how quickly people became vicious enemies.”

You can hear the first release from the album, "This Will Be Ours," below.

“Well, Man’s a Wolf to Man is about how man is his own worst enemy and will behave like a pack of wolves towards his other human enemy,” the guitarist noted. “What we saw bubbling when I started writing, it was all about getting even – why do you get so mad trying to get even? Why do people get angry? Why don’t they just do better themselves? I was getting back to making records that are human, about something that mattered or matters, that are in the moment.”

Man’s a Wolf to Man will be released on Sept. 8 and is available for preorder now. The album's track listing can be found below.

Taylor continues to receive treatment for his cancer and is reportedly contributing to Duran Duran's next album. The band will briefly put their North American tour on hold to perform a benefit concert for Taylor in Northern California on Aug. 19.

Andy Taylor, ‘Man’s a Wolf to Man’ Track Listing
1. “Man’s a Wolf to Man”
2. “Influential Blondes”
3. “Did It for You”
4. “Try to Get Even” (Featuring Tina Arena)
5. “Reachin’ Out to You”
6. “Getting It Home”
7. “The Last Straw”
8. “This Will Be Ours”
9. “Gotta Give” (Featuring Gary Stringer)
10. “Big Trigger”
11. “Man’s a Wolf to Man” (reprise)

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