You've signed up on the Do Not Call List, but you still get calls from telemarketers, scammers, and robo callers.  Hit them where it hurts, in the pocketbook.

Unknown number calling in the middle of the night. Phone call from stranger. Person holding mobile and smartphone in bedroom bed home late.

A company called Do Not Pay has a product called Robo Revenge to help you trap, track down, and sue robo callers.

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Here's what they say on their website:

The DoNotPay app is the home of the world's first robot lawyer. Fight corporations, beat bureaucracy and sue anyone at the press of a button.

When you sign up you get a burner credit card.  You pretend you're interested in what they're saying and you use the card to "pay". That charge gives Robo Revenge an avenue to track down who actually is calling you.

Man in tacky suit posing with cash and cell phone

Then, here's the best part, they will sue them on your behalf for up to $3,000 per call under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Click here to sign up for their service.

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