The First Time I Heard of Dirty Soda I Was In Utah.

I remember the first time I saw someone drinking a dirty soda, my first thought was "Why would anyone want to drink soda with creme?". Dirty soda was some kind of crazy phenomenon all over Utah. There is a large Mormon population in Logan, Utah which some of my family calls home. All of our Mormon friends refrain from consuming alcohol because of their religion, but dirty sodas are fair game.

Dirty Soda Lovers Are Everywhere and a Spot Opened Up Just for Them.

Swig Drinks was invented for dirty soda lovers and they have hundreds of locations, unfortunately, there aren't many near us so the good news is you can make your own dirty soda at home thanks to Coffee Mate.

Dirty Sodas Can Be a Thing For Everyone at Home, No Need to Visit a Swig.

Coffee Mate partnered with Dr. Pepper to create a creamer that will make the perfect dirty soda. This one is a coconut lime creamer, you probably could put the creamer in a coffee but the coffee taste and lime flavor might throw you off, so maybe stick with the soda for now.


I have several friends who are eager to try this concoction and some claim that they have used creamer to make dirty soda before. Has there been a secret society of dirty soda lovers everywhere and I just never heard about them?


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