We Just Recently Got Our Boot-shaped Hearts Broken in Louisiana.

We found out that Buc-ee's is not bringing a huge 80,000 square foot Buc-ee's to Louisiana anytime soon. We have all been holding out hoping that the cute little beaver would show us some love and now we are left sad and hoping that Louisiana lawmakers play nice with the Beaver.

Louisiana Lawmakers Don't Encourage New Business in the Bayou State

Simply put, Louisiana isn't eager to bring in businesses like Buc-ee's. Why? We can assume that it's all the infrastructure that surrounds a Buc-ee's. Harrison County in Mississippi is dropping $15 million on the surrounding area of the new gas station. If Buc-ee's isn't willing to play with the game with Louisiana politicians what can we do?

Why Not Bring in a Legendary Gas Station That is Already Thriving in Louisiana?

What if we focused on bringing a popular gas station from south Louisiana to Northwest Louisiana?

Hillary Doyal
Hillary Doyal

Have You Ever Heard of Billy's Boudin and Cracklins?

The first time I found out about this wonderful place I was flabbergasted at how clean the restrooms were oh, and the automatic toilet seat covers had me yelling "oh my goodness y'all come look at this!" It turns out Sani-seat Hygenic Toilet Seat Covers are not exclusive to Billy's but it's the only time I have ever seen them.

Billy's Boudin and Cracklins Doesn't Just Have Clean Bathrooms

The best Boudin I have ever had was from Billy's.

Look at This Boudin Ball, It's Basically the Size of a Baseball

Hillary Doyal
Hillary Doyal

The Boudin Balls with a wonderful pepper jack cheese surprise in the middle is nothing short of a party in your mouth. Boudin balls, boudin rollups, boudin pistolettes, boudin breads, cracklin, specialty meats I mean I can keep going and risk sounding like Bubba from "Forrest Gump" on everything this place has but truly, it's a cajun food paradise.

Much Like Buc-ee's, This Gas Station Isn't Your Typical Gas Station.

I guess this is the perfect time to say "If you know, you know".

Billy's Boudin and Cracklins Only Has 4 Locations in Louisiana

Krotz Springs, Lafayette, Scott, and Opelousas all have the most delicious Cajun food ready to go. Could Shreveport or Bossier be added to the list? We sure hope so.

All Buc-ee's Within 250 Miles of Shreveport

Best King Cakes in Shreveport-Bossier

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