The Southern Policy Law Center is all up in arms because Allen Parish Sheriff Doug Hebert (and 14 other Sheriffs) have not sent reports about the requested documents about jailed immigrants. What on earth is behind this? Why haven't those documents been sent? Is it a massive cover-up? What have they got to hide?

Read about the big cover up in Allen Parish!

Okay...I kind of lead you astray there.  the explanation is that, according to Allen Parish Doug Hebert, they can't very well file a report on inmates not housed in their facility. It seems that the bottom line is that federal inmates are just not housed there.

Don't know if that is the case with the other 13 sheriffs named in the witch hun....I mean, investigation, but I wouldn't be surprised!

Now, about those intergalactic inmates...Where are they and how are they being treated.




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