There seems to be a trend that I find rather disturbing and downright irritating. It seems that ever since the death of Michael Jackson, every time a celebrity dies, someone starts saying it was murder. It happened with Whitney Houston, Gary Coleman and now with blues legend B.B. King.

King had no sooner died than two of his daughter started crying, "Murder" and accusing King's manager, Laverne Toney, had poisoned him with the involvement of his assistant, Myron Johnson. Of course, no explanation as to why these men would do such a thing was offered, but the complaint was loud enough and persistent enough to bring abut an autopsy.

Well, now that the autopsy has been finished, the results, as expected, show that B.B. King was not poisoned by his manager or anyone else for that matter. According to the findings, B.B. King died as a result of Alzheimer's disease, along with coronary disease, heart failure and the effects of Type 2 diabetes.

It was sad enough to lose an artist like B.B. King, but his daughters only added to the misery felt by the rest of his family and his millions of fans. Do you find it odd that the daughters were also contesting the will? It figures.

Let's enjoy some B.B. King








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