It's a new junk food alert and I have a feeling it's going to be huge. Let's face it, girl scout cookies are the bomb and people wait each year until Girl Scout Cookie time. Well, this year, the Girl Scouts are introducing a new product to the market for a limited time only.

The latest addition to the Girl Scout Cookie line-up is breakfast cereal. Yes, Girl Scout Cookies aren't just for dinner anymore. As they say in the TV ads, it's part of a balanced breakfast especially if you eat a lot of healthy stuff with it. of course, nobody ever claimed that cookies were healthy.

The Girl Scout Cookie Cereal comes in two flavors: Caramel Crunch and, the ever popular Thin Mints, but the thought of a mint flavored cereal doesn't exactly do it for me. The new product will be available for a limited time only. The product will be on store shelves starting in January.

Let's hear it for the Girl Scouts and another great taste treat.

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