Seeing a dog usually makes you feel happy and want to go over and pet the animal. However, if you see a dog in Louisiana wearing a yellow bandana, proceed with caution.

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Dog owners have come up with a bandana color system to let you know specific information about their pet before you approach it.

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Pet training expert Jodie Havens told Reader's Digest:

When a pet parent places a ribbon on their pet, they are looking to communicate with others and may be working to get their dog more comfortable in public or social environments.

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What  Does A Dog’s Yellow Bandana Mean?

A dog wearing a yellow ribbon or bandana around its neck, tied to its collar, or their leash could mean many different things. But they all indicate to give the dog space and not to come up and give it attention or pet it.

  • It could be a service dog in training
  • The dog could have PTSD
  • The dog could be deaf or blind
  • The dog could be older or fearful
  • The dog could have health issues
  • The dog could be nervous around people or other animals
  • The dog could be a rescue animal getting acclimated to their new life
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What Do I Do If I See A Dog With A Yellow Ribbon Or Bandana?

Pet training expert Jodie Havens told Reader's Digest to give it space.  If you are with your dog, just swing wide to avoid the animal.  If you are approached by a dog wearing a yellow ribbon or bandana she said to slowly turn away from the animal and walk away.

Havens also said in the article, that no matter how well you think you're versed in handling dogs, helping these animals overcome their issues isn't your job. Be respectful of the dog and its owner and leave them alone.

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