Things would go bump in the night, strange voices could be heard in the hallways and locked doors would suddenly be standing wide open. I don't believe in haunted houses, but I sure lived in one. I have no explanation for the weird things that happened in that house, but there were times when I did have to admit that all signs did point to a haunting.

Things got weird in that house the very first day we lived there. My mom told me she heard strange music playing from inside the walls at night and, sure enough not too long after that I heard it to. It sounded like a very old woman, but she was singing what sounded like a kids nursery rhyme. When I heard it, it sounded like it was coming from the closet in my room. I got up and walked to the closet, but as soon as I touched the closet door, it stopped. I did get kind of creeped out by that little experience. It was shortly after that, that the angry voices began to be heard in the hallways.

By the time the angry voices appeared, I was out of the house living on my own, but my mom would keep me posted on the bizarre happenings going on in the house.I remember her telling me that the singing woman was gone and had been replaced by two angry men arguing in the hall. She said she couldn't understand a word they said, but it was obvious they were arguing about something. The girl I was dating at the time had the unfortunate experience of hearing the voices and she got the scare of her life.

She was in the shower and when she came out, she asked what my father and I were arguing about out in the hall. My mom and I just looked at each other, we hadn't told my girlfriend about any of the weird goings on in the house. She was fine until she found out that my dad and I hadn't been in the hall. I wonder if that's why she never wanted to go to my parents house again.

We had a set of pocket doors in the living room and one of them would make a sound like a ratchet wrench any time it was opened or closed. One night, my parents were away at their camp and I had the house to myself. Just as I was about to drift off to sleep, I heard that familiar ratchet sound and a chill actually went up my back. I went to check and, of course, the door was still closed just as it had been when I went to bed. I have to admit that I did sleep with one eye open that night.

It's funny how you can get used to a thing like living in a house like that. There were a few moments that would stop you in your tracks, but the whole thing became sort of a family joke. I would call my mom from my home in Dallas just to find out what the "ghost" had been up to lately.

Years after my parents both passed away, I returned to that neighborhood to visit some old friends. I'm sure the people living in my parent's house at that time thought I was crazy, but I knocked on the door and told them I used to live in the house. I asked if they ever had any strange experiences, but they said they never heard or saw anything unusual.

To this day I have no explanation for the things that happened in that house. Who knows? Maybe I'm wrong and there really are spirits that "haunt" houses. Just something to think about as you try to go to sleep tonight.

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