If you're racking your brain to think of potential gifts you should look to buy during Black Friday, let us guide you to some amazing deals.

An annual study looks at advertised Black Friday prices at a bunch of stores, and compares them to how much you'd normally pay if you bought the same product on Amazon.

Here are nine categories, and the types of discounts you might see:

  1. Consumer packaged goods. That's stuff you use up and rebuy a lot, like food, drinks, and household products. Up to 43% cheaper than Amazon.
  2. Books, movies, and music. Also up to 43% cheaper on Black Friday.
  3. Clothes and accessories, 36%.
  4. Toys, 36%.
  5. Video games, 34%. Only the games, not the newest consoles that just came out.
  6. Furniture, 31%.
  7. Appliances, 28%.
  8. Random gadgets and electronics, 25%.
  9. Computers and phones, 24%.
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