Energetic freshman U.S. Congressman Clay Higgins has named infrastructure and fighting for a new I-10 bridge in Lake Charles as one of his top priorities.  The former lawman turned politician said in a recent interview with KPEL in Lafayette that his team has already been hard at work in Washington.  The new representative say's he's already learned a lot and has found a high level of camaraderie and esprit de corps in D.C., a town notorious for its historical divisions and continuous bickering.

Clay Higgins
CQ-Roll Call,Inc.

The 55 year-old Higgins, of Port Barre, La., added that Congress has been meeting with President Trump and VP Mike Pence throughout the recent transitional period and is enthusiastic about the clear message that voters sent last November.

Some of the committees Higgins is on are: House Homeland Security Committee, Veterans Affairs Committee and the Science and Space Technology Committee. Higgins has been meeting with veterans groups to put the right kind of ideas on the table and taking care of our veterans.

The zestful and spirited Higgins will also be a fresh breath of air and a passionate supporter in improving infrastructure in the 3rd District and he made it clear and stated a top priority will be fighting for a new I-10 bridge in Lake Charles.

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