The Super Bowl is just as famous for it's commercials as it is for the game itself. Heck, I'll watch the Super Bowl even if I don't care who wins just to get a laugh from some of the amazing commercials.

While this year's ads were not exactly the cream of the crop, there were a few stand-outs and I thought you might like seeing them again.

There's an odd thing about some of these commercials and that is that some mega corporation or another did some research and found that, while people could name their favorite commercials, very few of those people could then name the product connected with the ad. Having worked for years in the advertising field, I can tell you that is not good news.

Basically it means that a product shelled out millions of dollars for a commercial that, while it entertained, failed to connect the name of the product with the ad and that, my friends, means a million dollar failure.



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