You can't escape them. They are everywhere! What are they?

So-called eco-friendly, short wavelength illumination, better known as LED lighting, causes the most adverse health effects, researchers in Israel say. Professor Abraham Haim, a leading authority on light pollution, said most are in agreement that exposure to light at night affects circadian rhythms in humans, animals and plants. and when thrown off could result in various illnesses and adverse symptoms. Haim presented one of his studies showing the adverse effects of exposure to light at night – particularly short wavelength blue LED – in the blind mole rat and in seeing rats, both of which showed varying levels of damage to their metabolic rates, hormone production, body mass and oxygen consumption following exposure, as well as suppressed levels of melatonin production, which is responsible for tumor growth. “We expect to find similar results of damage from human exposure to LED lighting,” Abraham said. “Western youngsters are typically surrounded by this sort of lighting in the confines of their own bedroom – from the smartphone, computer screen and television.”

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