These Tower climbers are fearless. They strap on some heavy gear, all or their tools, all the parts they need, a radio, some Gatorade and they start climbing. Some of the towers they climb are well over one thousand feet. Today this one is climbing the 92.9 The Lake tower which is 670 feet.

Tower climber
Don Rivers

Kenny Carter woke up this morning, kissed his three kids goodbye and headed to his job as a tower climber for Louisiana Radio Communications. He is the guy you see all strapped up and ready to climb our tower. His job today is to replace the light bulbs on the tower. He coordinates with the ground crew to make sure the power is off. He will also let us know when he is near the antenna and we will power down the radio station while he is on that section of the tower. He will climb all the way to the top. This is certainly not a job for anyone with a fear of heights. The good thing is you can't beat the view.

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