Videos of soldiers returning home are always very moving, but this one has a special twist to it.

A soldier named Mario Lopes came back from Kuwait earlier this month.  We're not sure how long he was there, but apparently it was a while. His dad's name is also Mario, and he's a pilot for United Airlines.  And after he found out his son was coming home, he saw that United had a flight out of Kuwait for military personnel on the same day.

Apparently there was no way to find out for sure if it was the same flight.  But he figured it probably was.  So he managed to get assigned to it as the PILOT.  And it turned out it WAS the same flight.

So after the son boarded in Kuwait, the dad snuck up and surprised him.  Then he said, "Welcome home," and someone else on the flight got video of them hugging it out for a good 20 seconds.