Governor John Bel Edwards announced he would veto any bill that comes to his desk imposing sports and medical restrictions on transgender youth in Louisiana.

In his speech, he stated he didn't want to put the weight of the state to veto proposed transgender bills and said he hopes the state legislature wouldn't advance those bills. The legislation he's opposing would strictly define sports based on biological sex (SB156 & HB542), children would need their parent(s) written approval for gender identity counseling or medical reassignment treatment (SB104), and a bill that would outright ban sex change procedures for minors (HB575).

The Governor's opposition makes these bills dead on arrival when they hit his desk. GOP leaders hold the majority in the state House and Senate. However, they lack the two-thirds majority needed to override the Governor's eventual veto.

Edwards mentioned in his speech that he is concerned if the state passes these bills, Louisiana will see companies, sporting events, and festivals pull out of our state like they have in other states that have passed similar laws.

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