Writing about the I-10 bridge through Lake Charles isn't my ordinary beat. I mainly just cross it with fingers crossed, breath held, and eyes on the speedometer daring it to rise above 50 MPH before I reach the curtilage of the hidden traffic radar at the bottom of the bridge.

Kristian Bland
Kristian Bland

I leave writing about its rustiness, missing bolts and swaying in the wind and what the powers-that-be are going to do about it to others. However, I'm aware of the fact that there's a lot of concern about the structure, and that Clay Higgins when freshly elected at least was looking into getting some funds together for the bridge.

But so far: crickets.

Today Governor John Bel Edwards announced to the state that  Baton Rouge is seeking GARVEE funds from the federal highway department that the state can pay back over 12 years. One would think the old pistol-laden I-10 bridge here would be at the top of the list.

But No.

And today the governor announced road improvements that leave out our bridge, and it motivated me to write about our poor old neglected bridge.

The governor announced today at a Baton Rouge press conference that infrastructure and roadways in three areas of the state will see improvement:

Baton Rouge, widening the Mississippi River bridge to the I-10/I-12 split. Kenner, a new I-10 interchange at Loyola to serve the new airport terminal. Bossier City, a new access from I-20 into Barksdale AFB.

All good projects, yes. But how long have they been waiting, and rusting?


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