Talk about giant steps in the tech world. Virtual Reality is still a relatively new field and it's possibilities are still being explored, but in a move that will rock the tech world, Google has announced that it has taken virtual reality many steps forward and is ready to unveil Actual Reality.

Now, Actual Reality works in much the same way as virtual reality, but with much more life-like experiences for the user. Sure, the actual reality glasses resemble the virtual reality glasses in many ways, but according to users, the experiences are much more real and the selection of experiences available with actual reality are pretty much unlimited.

Google has kept this project under wraps for a long time. According to Al Newman with Google, "We wanted to make sure that the actual reality experience would be as close to perfect as possible before the technology was released to the public.

You've got to see the video of Actual Reality in action to believe it. This is so an idea that will rock the world of technology with its convincing graphics and experiences.

Watch it in action.