I went to a party Friday night and I was privileged to be allowed to witness a stop secret moment, There was nothing surreptitious about any of my actions in witnessing this seldom-seen event. I was invited in to a secret circle and I got to see something rarer than the mating ritual of the Australian Tasseled wobbegong

Breaking with all protocol, I was invited to be a part of a discussion with a group of women. More to the point, I was privy to a conversation in which a group of women were letting all their usual guards down and just talking like there wasn't a guy in the room. Their discussion really opened my eyes to just how similar we are when we let our guards down and just have conversations.

During the discussion, the topic turned to sex. Now all men have taken part in a conversation on that subject, but it's just hilarious when you hear a bunch of women sit around and talk about sex. Just as with every other subject known to man, they also approach their sex talk with a marked sense of humor and just a touch of ennui.

They tended to be very frank and honest in all their talks and they pulled no punches on any subject. Don't get me started on the language! When women cut loose, they could make a man blush. I'm not just talking frank, honest discussion; I'm talking about getting down to the real nitty gritty. I was a little shocked to tell you the truth.

All three of these women are what my friends call "good dudes." Now, while that may sound a bit misogynistic, I am told by my friends that the phrase turns out to be very nice. It merely refers to a woman that can hang out with the guys and hold her own.

It was quite an honor to be allowed to hang out with these ladies while they had their bull session and quite educational as well. So much for women being the "weaker sex." I believe they hang with us better than we hang with them.

All this education has lead me to a new theory; Women are a lot smarter than men. They pretend to like all this "girly" stuff just so we won't want to hang around when they need to get together with other women and talk. Your significant other may claim that she and her friends are going to see some "chick flick", but they really just want time together to let their collective hair down and cut loose.

Here's to those ladies and the free education they granted me. It was quite an honor!

I didn't learn any secret handshakes or when they have these meetings where they decide what the new rules are, but I did enjoy just watching these women sit around and just be themselves, It really was quite an experience.

Casey, Louisa and Jen: You're all good dudes.



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