I went to Texas last weekend and, in part of my travels, came across these amazing, gigantic statues of the Beatles. They are located behind David Adickes' art studio in Houston.

I just snapped a simple picture and had no idea how it would turn out since, I literally couldn't see the image on my camera. I just pointed in the general direction and snapped.

Between the fog and my scratched camera lens, it created a somewhat eerie effect.

The statues really are amazing. Notice the size of the statues compared to the fork lift. Each one of these babies weighs about 7,000 pounds.

I'm sure the statues are part of a major project, because, in addition to the Beatles statues, there are all similar sized statues in various stages of construction of all the United States Presidents as well as Texas Heroes.

If your ever in Houston and want to see the work of this amazing artist,It's rather out of the way, but here's is a map of the location.

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