Hard for me to believe that it's been 13 years that Heather and I have been doing the morning show on 92.9 The Lake. On the other hand, it seems that we've always done the show together.

Heather hadn't planned on being a radio person. She hadn't even thought of ever being on the radio until one day 13 years ago when we tricked her into auditioning for the job.

Heather and I met at Lake Charles Little Theater during a production of a show called Forever Plaid.

Forever Plaid
Forever Plaid

It was a tough show because there are 25 songs in the show and the cast only contained four singers. We were all strangers who had to learn to sing tight four-part harmony in a matter of weeks. I don't have a problem with singing, but the show also contained (ominous organ chord) dancing. My dancing has been described as 'workman-like', so a choreographer was brought in to help out. That person was Heather.

To say that Heather was critical of my lack of ability to dance is giving me way too much credit. I stunk and she let me know it! We got along fine as long as I wasn't dancing!

Flash forward a few months and we find ourselves at the radio station. It was suggested that I find a partner to do a new morning show on what would later become 92.9 The Lake. I immediately thought of Heather for that job, but we didn't just come out and ask her if she wanted the job.

I called her and asked her to come in and lend her voice to a commercial for a client that didn't really exist. When she showed up, I made some lame excuse about needing her to help me out with a bit on the air about dating. Well, at that time Heather was still single and she waded in on the conversation and the next thing she knew, she was in the boss' office being offered a job as my co-host.

In the past 13 years, we've had opportunities to do all manner of fun things. We rode elephants in the circus. We've ridden in the WeinerMobile and even played on a circus tightrope. We've been on a number of Caribbean cruises where my main job in her life was to carry her shopping bags!

It's been a great 13 years. We're ready to go for another 13 if she doesn't kill me first.


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