While we were on the air Monday, Heather reminded me that it was 12 years ago today (Tuesday) that we first went on the air together, making us the longest running radio show in the Lake Area.

12 years? that's quite a number of years for a radio team to stay together. What's our secret? I have no idea other than the fact that we've both kept our private lives private and separate.

Oh sure, she's threatened to beat me with her shoe several times, but only slight injuries have been inflicted.

Heather and I met while doing a show at Lake Charles Little Theater. The show, 'Forever Plaid' was a musical and Heather was the choreographer. She used to yell at me a lot because I'm a terrible dancer, but we became friends anyway.

I tricked Heather into auditioning for the show. She thought she was coming in to the station to record public service announcements for a local organization and got her to do a bit with me on the air. Little did she know that, in a back office, there were people listening to see if the chemistry might be right.

The folks listening thought there might be something there and came out and offered her the job.

Thanks to our audience, it's been fun. Some of the highlights?

Cruising the Caribbean - I've carried Heather's shopping bags in several countries. Believe me, that woman can shop

Riding an elephant to open a circus. Elephants stink and those little short hairs go right thru a pair of jeans. There's no way to wash out the elephant smell. You just have to throw away the jeans.

We've had the opportunity to meet some pretty cool celebs.

We got to hang out with Joshua Ledet who really is a very nice, down to earth guy.

A few things have changed over those 12 years. Heather got married and I got single.

All in all, it's been quite an experience.

Okay...everybody back to work.