The attendance for this great annual event is growing by leaps and bounds. Don't miss this year's Gallery Promenade! Here's another Southwest Louisiana event that is great for the whole family!

arts and humanities
arts and humanities

Not only is Gallery Promenade a great family's a free event and in many locations in both Lake Charles and Sulphur.  Here are the times and locations


Gallery Promenade, the Arts and Humanities Council of Southwest Louisiana’s annual gallery and museum showcase, will take place on Friday, September 28th, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., and it celebrates the art space as both a local business and a cultural force. Gallery Promenade is designed to give residents and visitors of Southwest Louisiana an evening in the fall when galleries, art venues, and museums across the Lake Area work in a coordinated effort to open their doors and take part in an extensive promenade of current exhibits and local art.

Art spaces operate simultaneously as both a business and a center for creative thought and artistic progression in Southwest Louisiana, and Gallery Promenade is a celebratory event that encourages the public to travel gallery to gallery for a comprehensive and engaging experience of the diversity of Southwest Louisiana’s art and the many artists and art spaces that are further developing the region’s cultural economy.



2012 Participating Locations and Artists:

Gallery By the Lake/Associated Louisiana Artists, 106 W. Pryce Street
Nancy Peace, with
Kay Andrews, Ellen Anthony, Peggy Borel, Peggy Bower, Milton Carleton, Nancy Czejkowski, Anne Dentler, Lois Derise, Jody Domingue, Barbara Dugas, Marcia Dutton, Katherine Flaherty, Beth Fontenot, Alyce Gilmore, Barbara Haviland, Barbara Holt, Yelena Koehn, Debbie Lavergne, Jock McGregor, Cindy Ottenweller, Patsi Prince, Lynne Rawley, Linda Ritchie, Nell Scott, Jennifer Widener, Carolynn White, and Sue Zimmermann

The Children’s Museum, 327 Broad St.
Jon Meaux,  Michalangelo Villiamil, Sarah Dupre,
Sarah Painter, Meagan Green

Art Associates Gallery, Central School, 809 Kirby St.
Kevin Leveque

The Harrington Gallery, 210 Tamarack Street, Sulphur
Susan Hebert

1911 Historic City Hall, 1001 Ryan St.
Francis Pavy, Dr. Bennett Sewell

Black Heritage Gallery, Central School, 809 Kirby St.
Reflections Exhibit

Atomic Heart Tattoo, 4309 Common St.
Casey Page, Zach Brown, Christy Scothorn, Maura Cole

Stellar Beans, 319 Broad St.
Art du Lac: Johnny Segura, Jacqueline K Segura, Valerie Noland Smith, Stacey Bearden

Historic Calcasieu Marine Bank, 844 Ryan St.
Art du Lac: Cheri Cowen, Monica Hebert, Kevin Leveque, Rex Alexander, Lyd Faquher, Julie Groth, Jacqueline K Segura, Katherine Petty, Kevin Leveque

Yayi Gallery, 610 Alamo St.
Yajaira (Yayi) Raba

505 Bazaar, 314 Broad St.
Vickie Singletary

Henning Cultural Center, 923 Ruth St, Sulphur
Sean Hicks, Jim Ferguson, Shawn Ardabili, Ben Lawrence, Eric Manuel, John Davis, Chris Walkin, Charity Nolen, James Jessen, Johnny Segura, Bill Holton, Kathryn Reeser, John Martel, Justin Henry, Jennifer Manuel, Thom Trahan, Dreek Owen, Christy Scothorn, Alex Landry, Jim Slagle, Erin Casteel, Michael Casteel, Hannah Chaney, Craig Cooley, Re Ratliff, Asia Ardoin, Bill Elliott, Jacob Hughes, Jess Romero, Georgina Graves, Kelly Fruge, Emily Bov

The Art Shop, 706 Ryan St.
David Dewees, Charlie Hinchee, and others

Artisan’s Gallery, 1911 City Hall First Floor, 1001 Ryan St.
Anita Ahrens, Melinda Antoon Blane Bourgeois, Sally Cappel, Marilyn Cox Ron Gibson Kathy Gardiner Hebert, Emma Hughes, Charlene Kaough, Carrie Kudla, Charlotte LaBarbera, Pat Love, Donna Artigue Price, Geoff Russell, Anne Shirley, Gloria Wegener, Bobbi Yancey, Gloria Yang, Sue Zimmermann

Central School, 809 Kirby St. Second Floor
Kenneth Lavabit, Trina Lavabit, Carol Loman

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