If you haven't seen the video of a pastor reviewing the Chick-fil-A and Popeyes chicken sandwiches, then you have to grind your day to a halt and check it out now!

I gotta give props to Gina Cook from our sister station, 107JAMZ. She flagged me down in the hall yesterday to come to her studio to watch this video.

We had talked the day before in her office about how I viewed the Popeyes chicken sandwich as a "slight disappointment" and how Wendy's and (if there's a small line) Chick-fil-A are still my go-to's for a chicken sandwich.

When the Popeyes chicken sandwich comes back, they need to enter into a partnership with Tony Chachere's for the official seasoning in their sauce. Currently, they're using their own sparkle seasoning, which is garbage. And that, in my humble opinion, is ruining their sandwich.

In the video below, a pastor reviews the two sandwiches in a classic southern gospel church service style. You have to watch until the end, not only to see who wins, but the finale of the video can only be categorized as epic!

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