Doris Maricle of the American Press is reporting that it was found in a recent audit that a former local Police Chief may have misused public assets.

CPA J. Aaron Cooper recently conducted a city audit of Jennings, LA and found many discrepancies.  He found that the former Jennings Police Chief may have used public facilities to store personal items and used public workers to run personal errands for him.

The findings were made available on Monday by by the State Legislative Auditor’s Office.  They said they received a tip on their hotline of the misuse that took place during 2017 from a former city employee.

No offender was specifically named in the audit.

Jefferson Davis Parish District Attorney Michael Cassidy said on Monday:

Audit violations are not automatically a criminal violation, therefore until I am presented with a criminal violation, I assume it is an administrative matter and has been handled appropriately. - D.A. Michael Cassidy

State law prohibits the use of city assets for personal use, for the full story, click here.


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