Daily Mail conducted a recent survey to find out what things we miss the most that have become antiquated because of technology improvements.

I still own a VCR player and watch my tapes, so I'm still holding onto that with my Kung Fu grip!  The first time we rented a DVD, when the movie was over, my mom asked me how do you rewind the movie, ROFL!

Also of note, I found an old mixtape I made in high school a few days ago.  I don't have a cassette tape player, but I'm sure it consist of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Candle Box, 2 Pac, and many other 90s artists.  I still make CD mixtapes though.

The Top 10 Things We Miss Because They've Been Replaced by Technology:

1.  Making mixtapes.

2.  Putting photos into albums.

3.  Recording TV shows on your VCR.

4.  Having printed photos around the house.

5.  The excitement of seeing how the photos from a roll of film turned out.

6.  Handwritten letters.

7.  Sending love letters.

8.  Sending postcards.

9.  Having a penpal.

10.  Buying CDs and having a CD collection.

A few honorable mentions:

  • Phone books
  • Playing board games
  • Disposable cameras
  • Remembering phone numbers by heart

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