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We hadn't heard from any Houston Astros position players regarding the sign stealing scandal that they were involved with over the past several seasons, until Tuesday.

Former Astros utility man Marwin Gonzalez, now player for the Minnesota Twins, talked about being remorseful when looking back at what he and his former teammates did in 2017. (Video via Do-Hyoung Park Twins Beat Reporter)

We'll never know if the Astros would have or wouldn't have won the World Series back in 2017 or had as much success as they did the previous two seasons but it's nice to hear the remorse from a former player.

Dallas Keuchel has come out apologizing for the sign stealing scandal as has former Manager A.J. Hinch in a 25 minute sit-down interview with MLB Network.

No current Astros have really spoken up regarding the matter.

What needs to happen next is for the Astros to at least put out a statement admitting their wrong doing and apologize for the black mark they've left on the game the past few seasons.


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