Over the past few hours, Louisiana and Texas have had their share of bad weather with most of it coming from the Tornado that touched down in Southwest Louisiana, and Southeast Texas. In Deweyville, Texas there was a flying ATV which was obviously thrown by the winds created by the Tornado that touched the area. It is truly a shocking view and thankfully it doesn't seem like anyone was harmed by the falling ATV. While it could have been at a vacant home or in someone's yard.

This is primarily why it is always advised to move things of importance into the home.
You never know when it could be a situation where a storm with this amount of winds could truly do some damage to your personal home or that of your neighbor. Here is the video of the flying ATV and all I can say is thank God, there was no one harmed in this video.


While it seems like the worst of the storm has passed us. Once again there are people who are left behind and have to take care of their homes and deal with insurance companies to get things back right. There are several locals here in Lake Charles who have already reported home damage as well. This is truly the worst time of the year and while Hurricane season is still with us until the end of November. We are also in the midst of Tornado season as well. Make sure to take the proper precautions and as always hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.




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