State Treasurer John Kennedy had at least some good news for the many flood victims just to the east of us, and that news is that if you live in any of the federally declared disaster areas, you are entitled to a refund of the state’s sales tax. This refund applies only to items that were uninsured and lost in the flooding.

If some of your personal property was destroyed and you weren't reimbursed for it, you can at least file a form with the Department of Revenue and get the sales tax back that you paid on the destroyed property.

If you or someone you know happens to be a flood victim, you can read about exactly what is being offered and access all the details at the State Treasurer’s website.

According to Kennedy:

The state will reimburse you for the state sales tax you paid on any portion of destroyed property not reimbursed by insurance or disaster relief. The reimbursement applies to furniture, rugs, utensils, clothing, linens, televisions, cameras, toys, exercise equipment, books and even lawn mowers.

Any claim you make should be filed with the Louisiana Department of Revenue. If you don’t, if you have your original receipts that should not be a problem. The secretary of the department can waive the documentation requirement.


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